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The Village


6:30 pm -6:30 am


CARPET Village is a fully licensed childcare with flexible scheduling which makes dropping in a breeze. Hours are prorated by the minute, so parents can drop off on a whim or plan in advance. Children are warmly welcomed and benefit from a safe and fun environment.


CHILDREN! Come enjoy interacting with new friends while playcrew members help you get the socializing you need. Participate in boardgames, outdoor sports, or spend some time in the play areas. You can also hangout and watch a movie, play video games, or explore learning adventures. There are so many ways to play!


PARENTS! Drop-in care is the perfect choice for your guilt-free time! Your child will have loads of fun while you run errands, get work done, do chores, run to appointments, relax, or enjoy free time or date night or a night out. 

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Hourly Rate & Registration

Registration $40.00 Annual Fee
$14.00/Hr- Ages 1-12 Years Old
$12.00/hr- Each Additional Sibling

Day Rate: 6:30 pm -10:30 pm
(Advance purchase required. No refunds.)
Day Rate: $45.00 for 1st Child
$35.00 for Siblings


Registration Requirements

C.A.R.P.E.T. Community also operates as a Licensed Family Childcare. To fulfill state childcare requirements, please complete the registration documents. CLICK HERE to download the documents.


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